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Different Colors of body waves with nice price to choose

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  • Release date:2017-09-26


      Angelbella Shop is a professional Human Hair wholesaler,Our company mainly produces all kinds of wigs, human hair, hair closure& hair extensions.



     Here are different colors of body waves for u to choose,such as natural black, natural brown etc.

Body wave with full end no split,It can be ironed and dyed.No tangling and shedding.


        Here are some of body waves at a discount:


1. Original Price        $212/10pcs (one piece is 50 gram)

    Clearance Price    $160/10pcs

2.Suitable Inch----10Inch

3.1 piece is 50g

The above products are not for online order ,so More details please contact

Whatsapp/Tel: +0086 18925015680

E-mails: sales5@angelbellahair.com