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Who said the sport on the boring, Bluetooth headset to give

  • source:admin
  • Release date:2017-09-26

       B & O has a  purely Nordic descent B & O can be described as headphones Apple,  design and appearance to dominate the headset panel with anodized  aluminum, after 15 processes to create such a beautiful appearance, the  surface of the laser etching B & O Logo, Supplemented  by wear-resistant preparation of wire, sports sweat, the appearance of  avant-garde, giving a light feeling, can be described as the Bluetooth  headset in the value of play.

       Although it  wears some problems, it is only suitable for walking or still wearing,  but as the appearance of the party can not miss the choice, even if it  is necklace hanging in the chest is also excellent. It is excellent workmanship, superior texture, clear sound quality, but not strong enough to wear, life is short. Many  enthusiasts choose B & O because it is a quality, B & O  certainly not synonymous with cost-effective, similar Bluetooth headset  products B & O is the most expensive.