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Wireless Bluetooth headset to start harvesting the market

  • source:admin
  • Release date:2017-09-26

      And  its hope that true wireless Bluetooth headset can bring significant  changes in the use of experience, I think it might as well look forward  to Andrews supported by the high-pass aptX HD and Sony LDAC, two  technologies for Bluetooth sound quality brought about by a substantial  increase. Sony's  commitment to Google (selfless dedication) LDAC technology claims more  than three times more efficient than the standard Bluetooth coding  system (24-bit / 96 kHz, the maximum rate of 990kbps), and slightly  lower specifications aptX HD can also support to 24-bit / 48kHz 576kbps. Simply to support higher sampling rate, transmission bandwidth, high  quality (CD or even Hi-Res Audio quality) audio transmission.

      But  these two technologies have their shortcomings, first of all they are  still not lossless audio technology, and then improve the sound quality  will inevitably bring a significant increase in power consumption, but  also more vulnerable to other wireless signal interference, resulting in  the intermittent sound ;  Also must be from the front-end equipment to the Bluetooth headset must  correspond to support these two technologies, enjoy in order to enjoy  the sound quality brought about by the upgrade. But even so, it is also a real technological upgrade, can bring qualitative changes.